Funny Email We Got at Work
June 23, 2006, 8:05 am
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From: DD []
Sent: jeudi 22 juin 2006 20:14
Subject: RE: Link Exchange

Nothing says you put some thought into it like a mass mailing without a valid To: header.

I’m sorry but I don’t think we’re interested. We’re morally opposed to the spamming of link metadata through the creation of junk links. If your company can’t rise in the search ranks through content creation and honest linking strategies, then you don’t deserve to be at the top of the search ranks. You are queue jumping, trying to steal search estate from other sites that DO have useful content and meaningful links. And trying to jam search entities that strive to deliver a practical, effective experience to users.
In effect, you defraud every person who ever sits down in front of a Google window.

Perhaps your clients or your bosses should sit down and think of ways to deliver real information and services, rather than just tricking your way up a few minor ranks in the search list. So you’ll end up number 37 instead of number 39. Wow. Question 1: Is it worth the bother? Question 2: What happens when the Googles of the world start punishing junk linking, as they already have done with other techniques used to defeat ranking algorithms? (You and other sites linked to you will suddenly plummet to the bottom of the ranking, or disappear altogether.) Question 3: How do you sleep at night?

It would be great if you could put a bit of effort into increasing your rankings by delivering some actual value to your site visitors. Put a little work and thought into it, and let the search engines do their job unhindered. Stop soiling our collective virtual experience by polluting the Internet with meaningless associations. When you were kids, you probably thought it was funny to pee in hotel ice machines. The fact that other companies are happy to do business with you or link to you speaks poorly of their business ethics as well.

Please don’t contact us again. If you can even figure out who you contacted in the first place.


Dogwood Jones


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Work emails tend to always be interesting. It comes with the job.

Comment by Mckenzie

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