June 25, 2006, 7:11 am
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Yesterday, I spent the day moving our office to another location here in Brussels. Throughout the process I had a lot of different thoughts and thought that it was worth recording. I’ll try and break them up so they make a little more sense.

Moving, when a keyboard won’t do you any good.

There are very few things left in this world that you can’t do with a keyboard. However, yesterday I spent the day using brute strength to move an entire office from one location to another. Some of the objects we moved included tables, chairs, files, furniture, and more. In moments like these, we remember the frailty of our bodies. For me, I remembered a time that I could squat and lift many of these things by myself without a problem. I had the power to break arms, force people to the mat, and deftly move down staircases with a couch in my arms in a single bound. Now, a day later, my keys hurt as I type on my keyboard.

While I felt a little weak, I also felt strong and purposed. For a day, I could do something physical that for whatever reason makes me feel tough and more of a man. Tim Allen’s grunt wasn’t to far off every time we lifted a heavy desk and through our cunning maneuvered curvy staircases and sharp corners. I love it.
Memories and Teachings

Ever since I can remember, my Dad and I have always helped people move. My dad, during the summers, would come into my room and announce that there was a move scheduled later that day or the next with such and such family coming or leaving the ward. I think the first time we went I complained, but the feelings evoked as I explained above made it addicting. The real teachings, however, didn’t come from these mainly man moments. They came from watching my Dad and they way he interacted with those involved. He was always polite to those around him even when they were shirking work. If I complained about these types, he would always tell me not to worry abou it and get back to what I was doing. He would always think and problem solve, if we faced a difficult task, he would set the object in question down and think through until we had a solution. Finally, my Dad taught me to stay as long as I could because the people we were helping didn’t stop needing help until they were done. This, more than anything else, has been one of the qualities I have always admired about my Dad. He may not be the most social and I when it comes to economics he may get more excited than I can appreciate, but I know of his dedication to serve his fellow man. Sorry, about the sudden Dad tribute, but blogs let you spill your guts. Consider mine spilt.
Getting to Know People

The other and final reason why I love helping people move, there is a bond that forms during honest work. Barriers and inhibitions break down so that people share stories, thoughts, and hopes freely. We learn about each other and foster friendships that don’t happen over keyboards that often. I think the more opportunities that we get to understand each other a little more the better this world becomes. I’ll be honest about something, I’ve loved my experience here, but I can’t stand the attitudes of a great many people here. They don’t seem to take any interest beyond themselves. Yesterday, I said Bonjour with enthusiasm to a man walking past. Put mundanely, it scared the crap out of him. He had no clue how to respond until he’d reached the end of the street turned to look at me and saw me waving. He finally smiled and waved. People drop trash on the street everywhere and let their dogs poop on the sidewalks with no consideration for those that may come behind them. These rotting mounds of dog waste lay as tributes to insincerity and anger. Insincerity for those that allow their dogs to leave them there, and anger for the ones that step in it later leaving a heal mark and then scuffs for ten feet.

However, what is very beautiful, is how the people who have immigrated here from Africa to Eastern Europe to Southern America all seem to be the friendly ones that make life happy. These people still seem to smile and share the arm of frienship with strangers.


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I moved lots of people on my mission. I have a way embarrassing story about that, but it will have to wait for another time– a long, long time.

Hope all is well.

Comment by Mckenzie

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