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July 18, 2006, 7:28 pm
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I’ve had one complaint since I’ve gotten here in Brussels, and it has everything to do with customer service. Every store, every policy, and every employee that is native to this area, with a few exceptions, have no concern at all for the satisfaction of the customer. The end result, a perpetual effect on attitudes for every customer and every person you interact with on a daily basis. You can see it on the faces of those in the metro, you can see it in the store. Today and the day before I have approached the checkout line with at most three items in my hand. At the same time, an individual with a cart full of itmes sees me approaching as they walk slowly down the aisle. Sensing that I’m also approaching the checkout, they maneuver their rear ends or their carts with the skill that only NASCAR drivers know so that I can’t get around and get in line in front of them. One of these ladies I was able to out maneuver by taking a shortcut behind the 900 euro computers and the detergent. (I love the Aldi, it has everything) Today, the lady’s rear was too much for me try and get behind. As the english say, she was a quite cheeky person. She had her son go around the aisles with their large cart while she kept me at her rear.

The end result of all this, is that one gets a sense that to get by you have to look out for yourself and yourself alone. This same situation happened at the store today while looking for an adapter for my iPod, this guy walks up several seconds after me. Knowing I was there first, he slowly scoots further and further forward. Finally, he steps in front of me and when the lady behind the counter was free she helped him first. After all of this, I must say that I begin to feel determined to get mine. Then however, in the midst of a long list of frustrations, a checker at Delhaize made a comment in french that I barely understood except for, she said that for me she would keep her line open, otherwise she would close it. The smile and the wink calmed me down and my experience was that much more enjoyable.

A barber was once asked why he greeted everyone he came in contact with during the day. He responded that he tried to treat everyone as they were, potential customers. In the end, I think he’s right. The world spins and revolves around the sun because of gravity. Those are the things that make it work, however, good customer service is what makes life a little more livable. We don’t need it to make sure that tomorrow comes or to live and breathe.

Consider though, that mosquitos, panda bears, and the dinosaurs can live and breathe, but they don’t know how to treat each other with the same love and respect we as humans are capable of and to the degree that we can. As we go about the business of life, a little customer service will make the experience all the more worthwile.


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I had a good customer experience today. The lady was so nice to me– I almost thought she was high.

Comment by Mckenzie

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