The Truth about Customers
July 18, 2006, 7:21 pm
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It all started back in 1573, when the word customer was first coined. A group of frenchman entered what was then small town of Yorkshire. As these frenchman were very hungry, they entered the first shop and demanded wine and cheese. Now these englishman did not see wine as the drink of choice as do the french, therefore in this particular small store they had nothing but tea and crumpets to offer. Therefore, upon hearing there was no cheese or wine to be found in the store. They began to curse in French at the poor englishman behind the counter. He turned to his wife and said under his breath this must be their custom, er something like it. The french, known for their perceptive hearing and assuming the english to be insulting him. Responded that he indeed was a customer, assuming that this meant some vulgar word in english. As the french left the shop, they continued to complain. Then the englishman turned to his wife and said, all they french do is wine, nothing else. Unfortunately, due to a lack of grammatical training, the englishman wrote whine in his journal that night. Therein lie the birth of two words continued to be used to apply to surly characters, especially the french.


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