Home at Last, on to the next step…
August 13, 2006, 2:14 am
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When we change our circumstances to such a degree that our surroundings with such permanence that our habitual activities change with them, a surreal dimension seems to have be entered and all experiences seem to fade into those memories next to those imagined moments we read in books. Back from Brussels, there is a time and place that I know I lived there but I find it hard to believe it happened. Quickly, I’ve returned to the same routines and the old habits I developed long before I went to Brussels. However, I do find my perceptions changed somewhat and my values either more entrenched or slightly altered. In all, I feel I’ve grown.

Now, this step behind me, I move forward to one last semester at BYU and on to the workforce. So, to get started in this new world of maturity, I’ve decided to adopt. This is my son, Guido Francisco Roberts. I feel that our new life will be an opportunity to grow together. Or. I’m holding my cousin’s second child. Seriously, though the future is bright.


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Oh, cute baby boy!

Comment by Mckenzie

you are such a strange boy. and i can say that because i am your little sister.

Comment by Becky

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