Stress and Interviews
October 10, 2006, 7:32 am
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Well, today I endured one of the most painful interviews that I’ve ever had to endure. Normally, sitting on the opposite side of the table I feel very confident and not worried. The guy ridiculed my grades and my spare time for the last four years. In all, though, it was good for me because it humbled me a bit.

Four more to go this week, another next week, and more to come. Each interview is going to be like a first date. Some of them are gonna bomb, some of them are going to be me talking the whole time, some of them are gonna be them talking all the time, and some of them pure animosity sitting across the table from each other. None of the interviews like my first dates will end with a kiss.


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I think that your interview sounds just like your first dates. Namely you usually end up doing all the talking, the date ridicules you and you end up with nothing in the end. Ouch

Just messing Dave, you the man!!

Comment by Jordan

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