Who’s the weaker sex?
December 19, 2006, 4:30 am
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Lately, I’ve taken to saying the following:

“The true miracle life is not that babies are born, that’s easy. That’s instict. The fact that two people can stand each other long enough to get married and have one, now that’s a miracle.”

That’s a little bit of dating bitterness for you. Here’s an update, though. I’m dating someone now and my questions have changed. Why are we so weak when it comes to the tender gender? After an extended amount of time as a single man(not attached to any other men, and especially no women), I thought that I’d grown quite independent. I mean after spending three months in a room where Death Row inmates are reminded of better times. I can take being a single man. However, here I am, in a semi-relationship, and I say semi because until you’re married you can’t actually define what you are. Truly, thought, from inside sources, even then you might not be able to say what you are. So, in this Semi, I find myself wondering what I can do to be a better semi-male. My semi-female is equally as awkward because we are operating in a different sort of game. I’m leaving and she’s staying, however we are, yes, you guessed the rhyme, dating. Honestly, I don’t know how serious we are, but I’m seriously confused. Confused at why when I try and talk and be the normally articulate cheeseball that I am, I’m more like swiss cheese, easily melted and feel like I have holes all over.

In truth, confidence and strength melt under the soft touch of a woman. So, why then, do we the anti-cryers, girlie-man haters, and testosterone drinkers crave to feel this way around the opposite sex. The only thing I can conclude is something that I said to my Semi-female. There’s something about having a girl on your arm, touch your shoulder, or kiss your cheek makes you feel like a manly man. I don’t know why, but it’s just the truth.


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