Keeping Alive by Working
March 28, 2007, 3:32 pm
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Well, this will be less of an introspective kind of post and more of just a catchup. I’m working in Tysons Corner which is the best example of an ant farm that I’ve ever seen blown up to 100 times its size. I work for a company known as HandySoft which actually is not a hand soap company but functions as a BPM provider. The software is pretty cool, but if I told you what it did you would be bored. So, let’s just say I’ve attained my dream of doing marketing and techie kind of things at the same time. The beauty of my job is I get to surf the net all the day and work on internet marketing.

For the moment, I live my parents and am doing my best to be the embodiment of every stereotype that you have ever heard concerning a guy living with his parents. I drive their car, eat their food, pay no rent, and have them buy my clothes. The only real difference between college and now is that I earn a pay check that I spend on Five Guys hamburgers. In my defense, I’ve put my time to good use and lost about 20 pounds and have much more to lose.

The good news is I will be buying my accord off of my parents and will finally begin cutting apron strings. However, I won’t rush it too fast.


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Glad to hear that you are doing well…at least it sounds like you are doing well. You really should write more on your blog. You are very entertaining…of course maybe if you wrote more you wouldn’t be quite so entertaining because you would run out of things to say. Either way, when I first read your bottom entry I missed the date and thought, “Yeah, he is dating someone!” But then I realized it was in the past…Either way, take care and only 3 more months until we move out that way! Yeah! We definitely miss you…

Comment by Melea

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