Son of a Gun
April 1, 2007, 8:26 pm
Filed under: Dating

My dating life’s writing checks my body can’t cash.

It’s been my benefit of late to hear that many of my friends are coming out to my area to take jobs nearby. As they take the necessary steps to prepare, they keep asking me what the single life is like here. Well…it’s…well…single. If you’re single, then by definition you are not aligned with someone from the opposite sex. Asking me what the single scene is like is like asking someone who is unemployed(been there) what the job market is like. It sucks, life is over, not going anywhere, are the kind of responses you’ll get without the sugar coating. I have a job now, and the job market rocks, and its a great time to be joining the world of the employed. As a married couple, you think that any random single girl could be a viable match for a single male friend. The single life seems so easy when you are not single. So what’s the single life like, well, it depends on who you ask.

Single life for me

When Maverick lost Goose, every man felt his pain because most of us have been there. Not everyone’s lost a friend to an ejection seat accident or enemy MiGs, but we have all lost a wingman. Target rich environments cease to be such, when you’re by yourself and without your wingman. You’re just outnumbered. As we walk the paths of life, especially the single life, we each lose many a good wingman to the armed forces of the tender gender. One can only move on and try to take the skirmishes on one at a time, by himself.

Metaphors aside, life is a lot easier when you have a buddy to default to when trying to approach a girl. It’s not easy going it alone. Women are such complex creatuers, the reassurance of a buddy let’s you at least think you’re doing well. Failures are made easier, by a buddying being there for you after a failed pick up line. A girl that likes you, will laugh at the lamest pickup line and give you permission to buzz the tower(ok, this is a top gun reference, but I don’t know if it’s crude. Not intended, but like Jeff Foxworthy says, single guys can take any comment and turn it into a sexual innuendo. So if you did take it that way, shame on you.) If she doesn’t, you’ll find that your name ain’t the best in the navy and you’ll be blown off.

She’s lost that lovin’ feelin’

Singles that leave BYU or find themselves in the latter half of the twenty somethings, have really lost that lovin’ feeling. Well, sort of, some of them have lost hope and let themselves go either emotionally or physically. Unfortunately, I’ve seen both. Other individuals find their control over their desperation, well “inverted”. I myself find myself sitting within the group, but feeling like I’m on the outside looking in. I sit sometimes and laugh at the way singles’ dance with each other to the melody of desperation. Then it occurs to me, oh, I’ve got my dancing shoes on too. I should stop trying to judge textbook manuevers, and fire when I’m ready to fire.

Iceman’s not such a bad guy

Maverick and Iceman were ready to fight at any moment, and thought they would never like each other. However, in the end they came to find that the other wasn’t so bad. All the same, single life in a post-BYU world isn’t really all that bad. I’ve stopped trying to find my wing man among the guys I play beach volleyball with, but rather from the armed forces of the tender gender. The adventure of dating in this part of my life may have the melody of desperation as part of the soundtrack, but when you’re in the danger zone you perform at your best.

Please excuse the lame references to Top Gun, but it just got too fun.


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