Life is Precious
April 19, 2007, 5:17 pm
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In a world of DVRs, DVDs, and video games we sometimes may find that we lose a sense of what this life is all about. We forget that life doesn’t come with a rewind button. As the events unfolded at VT, I couldn’t help but recall all the past major tragedies that occurred within my relatively short lifetime. Oklahoma City, Columbine, 9/11 and many others that seem to fade in the back of my memory. I can’t imagine the held breaths of the many Hokie parents around the US as they hoped and prayed their children would not appear on any lists of 33. The only semblance of a similarity that I could share were the early moments of 9/11 shortly after hearing about the pentagon being hit and wondering if my Dad was anywhere close that day.

Many of the people that were taken from us this past Monday were men and women of promise. Many of the people that were taken from us this past Monday were men and women who had survived ordeals of many flavors to be taken down without provocation. Many of the people that were taken from us this past Monday were men and women who lived to impart their love of learning. One young man this past Monday imparted fear, hate, and bloodlust and will only be remembered for that and that alone.

For those of faith, we must look upon this last Monday as a day where our Father in Heaven accepted several back into his flock. Their names are not lost unto him, and his love abounds for them. For those of us with a more temporal focus, we can take away the simplicity of how precious every minute and second we breathe upon this earth. Those moments are counted by us in our own minds, let them be counted among the well spent so that we may lie on our deathbeds knowing with what little we had been given we had not done little with it.

My prayers go out to the families of those that died in Blacksburg. My prayers go out to the families that die in Africa. My prayers go out to the families that die of a little injustice everyday. My prayers go out to all of you, that we may each take our little portion and make sure we don’t do little with it.


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so in my desperation to procrastinate, i wandered onto your blog site, while the material of the two blogs i read differed a lot in material and tone, I loved them both, i mean we both know that these writings come from a man who early in life persuaded women to part with baked goods by simply flashing a smile, the same man who later was so enveloped in his own reflection that family seating at the dinner table had to be changed and window shades had to be drawn down. I love your spirit and your humor, the two things that make you the good person you are… no matter how desperate the melody of your single life song, a single siren will hear it and come a laughing at all your lame jokes. Your last note really expressed the palpable greif that I had been feeling these last few days, as once again I watched innocent people die with a feeling of helplessness. I am glad that when I can’t express my feelings you find words to make them real. That and we all know that the sound of your own voice makes you quite giddy. Thanks for the distraction, for the laughs, and for the moment of much-needed reflection.

Comment by a member of the tender gender

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