Diploma Holders and Tassels
May 7, 2007, 12:48 am
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Unemployed and unshaven, I received my diploma in the middle of the 40th Scrubs episode that I’d watched in 2007. I mention this only to contrast the moment that I received my diploma holder. Very shaven, very dressed, and very tired I received my diploma holder and tossed the tassel over to the right side. For as much as I wanted to avoid the whole graduation thing, I really enjoyed the pomp and circumstance because it made everything seem somewhat official. In truth, I sat in hard seats, lined up underneath the arena, and walked across the stage in under 15 seconds. Dean Ned C. Hill asked if it all was worth it. So was it?

In business as a professional almost as long as I’d been in some internships, it was nice to come back to Provo for a couple of days and be living the college life again. Well, by college life I mean hang out and not really worry about deadlines, paystubs, and the bottom line. Playing wallyball with my friends and playing a round of golf was a refreshing experience and made me realize how much I valued the last four years. I am really blessed now and have been over the last few years with really good friends. Working at HandySoft, I’ve seen the benefit of all the years of school in different forms. Through application of actual strategies and concepts, as well as effecting the work ethic I’ve learned over time at school.

So, yeah, it was worth it. Cheesy, yep.


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