Act My Age
May 11, 2007, 6:01 am
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Well, tonight, I pulled a very classic roommate trick on my sister. You know the one, when your roommate doesn’t do their dishes so you put them in their bed. However, she managed to lock the door before I got upstairs. So pulling the trick required a little stroke of creativity. I leaned up the bowl against the door and left it tilted so that opening the door would instantly turn the bowl’s contents into tossed salad. Well, I guess the reason i never did pull this trick on my roommate’s was the anger it might occur.

Well, it was probably a mistake to do this and for this I will apologize. When my sister came down the stairs, she told me in a voice that I won’t mention to “act my age.” To use a poor quote, “What’s my age again?”

So, what is my age? According to the calendar, I’m exactly 25 years 3 months 14 days 2 hours and 16 minutes as of this moment. Should I be judged according to that or by how I should act now that I’m working full time as a marketing professional and a car owner?

Honestly, I don’t know. I do know that I act like I’m an fifteen year old boy around girls. I spent an entire evening with a girl and I talked about weather, traffic, and dead pets. I honestly couldn’t manage more than anything besides the obvious, and the occasional laughing at my own joke. If I weren’t a bleeder, I would have banged my head against more than just the four walls that enclosed the two of us and others throughout this evening. I feel fairly confident with talking to people and making them feel comfortable. I don’t like to give up on skills that I haven’t mastered. However, I really haven’t picked up this whole girl conversation thing. I kinda have this awkward teenager thing going on.


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I think that is a great trick and Dave, if you ever think you are immature, just remember me singing “The Beast” to Jeff and galloping around the house…mainly for attention, but sometimes because I am just plain bored!

Comment by Melea

Solo espero que la edad no te haya hecho olvidar de tu hermanita.

Comment by Anonymous

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