First Post on WordPress
June 2, 2007, 10:58 pm
Filed under: Ramble

I’ve switched over so I could have more flexibility in my posting and try and reach a new level in professionalism in blogging.  In truth, I’m sitting about twenty feet from the closest bathroom watching Scrubs.  In the process of the day I’ve watched well over six episodes, uploaded multiple videos to youtube, and moved this blog over to wordpress.  Reason for sitting on my duff and not moving, the Flatliner.  Beep. Beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Just like it sounds, it’ll stop you.  Last night I decided to try one of these little firey hell demons.  It occurred to me as I was attempting to drive to the driving range this morning, that a diaper wouldn’t be all that horrible thing considering the way I was feeling.  Yep, didn’t really think of that last night as I proudly licked my fingers clean of the acidic sauce.

This morning as I searched for my left over finger nails, I was unable to feel any pain in my stomach.  I figured I was scott-free.  Literally, there were no Scottish people around.  So  it felt great and I was off to the driving range.  In route, I experienced what I would call nothing short of a small reminder of last night’s activities.

That’s been the day.   So, I hope you enjoy the new blog and would appreciate any input you might have.


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I don’t get it…what is a flatliner? I am guessing it was something you ate that has made you sick with certain intestinal problems…I like this site. It is a pretty color! 🙂

Comment by Melea

ummm…as a physician all i have to say is.. GROSS

Comment by Priya

Nevermind…I am stupid. I just watched House and I think that clued me in. The patient had a experienced a real flatliner. I am sure you are not surprised with my previous comment:)

Comment by Melea

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