Visiting the Kentucky Dentites
August 8, 2007, 4:09 am
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jeffelea.jpgSo I drove down to visit Jeff and Melea in Kentucky this last weekend.  I had  a blast, dragons, sorcerers, and dwarves and that was just the ride west to Kentucky (Eragon rules).  It was fun seeing them, and I forgot how much I miss them.  We didn’t do anything real crazy, we just hung out like we always have and that was enough.  It was just fun chilling like old times.   They’re going to make great parents.

I got there around five, after an eight hour drive the which I spent listening to Eragon as I’m sure you can tell.  I realized how much of a nerd I really am when I started to analyze how the author took in different elements from pop culture, fantasy books, fantasy games, and such.  The even sadder thing is I started to guess when the thematic elements would come into play.

Jeff, Melea, and I went out on the town and painted Kentucky red.  Well, we got a movie and ate dinner.  But there was some red somewhere.  Oh yeah, I helped them move a piano which makes me realize that I need to work out more.

Saturday, we went out and golfed in 90 degree weather.  I’d complain, but Melea was the pregnant one and I don’t really have an excuse.  However, I must say, she played better than anyone i know that plays as much as she does.   I gotta say, she rocked those pink wanda clubs.

The picture above is me shortly after my exit from Kentucky.  I’m gonna miss those guys.


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We miss you too and can’t believe time passed by so quickly when you were here! At least we live within driving distance and Jeff and I will have to come out for spring break…and as for the complaining about golfing, I did complain I am sure of it. I seem to be good at things like that, which is something I need to work on 🙂

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