Dating Agnostia, Commitaphobia, and Dating Therapy
October 14, 2007, 6:27 am
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Just thought I’d capture some of my recent thoughts.

Dating Agnostia

I found my recent frustration with dating in the last six months to be summed up with a term I like to call dating agnostia.  The term is simple to understand, for a long time I’d given up a belief in dating as a means to that end we call marriage.  Examining the different elements of dating helped me realize my crisis of faith.  What would drive me to date?

The company of the female gender?  Well, the benefit of my singles ward is that we, men, are in the minority and can usually find a willing female to talk to in those moments that we may feel so inclined.   The desire to lock lips with the tender gender?  Let’s be honest, it’s been something like two plus years.  It was good, but not great.  However, it’s been two years, and the faded memory is something akin to a fuzzy UHF channel.  Fun to watch now and again, but more frustrating and annoying than fun.  Not a draw.  Satisfying feeling you get in a positive, working relationship?  Well, uh, kinda never had one.  And recreating the relationships I had in the past is a lot like a bad car wreck.  No matter how bad it was, you couldn’t look away and get the image out of your head.  All you could do is chalk it up to life experience and hope you never go through it again.

Suffering from dating agnostia was nice why it lasted.  However, the memories and past experience, in the end seem to indicate to me that half-hearted dating was causing a lot of those problems.


Another issue, that I find myself dealing with is acceptance of the future.  Acceptance that things have to change.  I seem to have grown comfortable with my dating agnostia and thus had no feeling to push forward.  However, we cannot sit in the freeway of life and refuse to drive.  We’re bound to get hit by the truck of reality at some point.  Much better to be moving forward than getting a personal examination of asphalt.  So, I’ve began undergoing a strong round of dating therapy.  I’ve weighed the risks of this strong regimen of treatment, and have found that the ends seem to justify the  means.    I’m just hoping the ends don’t take too long getting there.  ugghh…


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LOL…I totally agree. I think we’re going to be friends. 🙂

Comment by Jennie

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