Crazy Gland
October 15, 2007, 4:19 am
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I write this with hopes that the reader will hold open their closed mind.  Because when it’s about us, we generally have a closed mind.  Me personally, I’m always right and happy to have anybody tell me what they think about me as long as I can have equal time to tell them how truly wrong they are.

So, recent theory that I’d like to share.  Women all have a bit of crazy inside of them.  In no way do i blame them, that’s because they have more going on than an air control tower at christmas inside of them.  Seriously, as I get older I realize that being a woman is a lot like a house where people keep flipping the lights off and on, and screwing around with the thermostat.  So take what I say with a grain of salt.

So this crazy isn’t something that’s spread all over.  Rather it’s hidden in the lips inside of the Crazilocious Gland.  For most of the time it stores up within the gland and perpetually gets more and more full until there isn’t any more room.  Sometimes it peeks out a little in short llittle spells.  Those cathartic crying sessions, those are crazy valve releases that are a healthy.

There’s one other form of release, it’s tied directly to romance.  See what happens is as people increasingly get more and more romantically involved with each other, they tend to engage in the practice that is commonly known as smooching.  This practice, for those that may have forgotten (I know I have), entails two people pressing lips against each other.  The more intense the kiss, the greater the release of the Cr or Crazy hormone.  At the initial phases of relationships, this release of Cr tends to complicate things and perpetuate frustrations. in dating.  However, overtime, frequent lip pressing allows for a steady stream of release which makes it much more manageable.

That’s way in dating things initially can be very crazy, but in marriage wives are very stable individuals but have their small goofy moments.  Moments where dance moves that are reserved for showers or locked away in closets seem to come out in the public moments.  Lucky for all of us, however, we men have a gene that makes us attracted to those that exude Cr.  In truth, we love women that have it.  Why, who knows?  But the more a woman drives us crazy, the more we desire that individual.  Fighting like an old married couple, those couples seem to be the people that love each other the most ardently.

So, if I offended you.  Well, I’m sorry.  I don’t profess that all of this is true.  Just the portion of it that you buy into.  The rest of it is just exaggeration.


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I think you have something here! What made you think of this? Thanks again for making us laugh. What would we do without your blog? Miss you tons!

Comment by Jax

Ahhhh, I definitely miss your sense of humor Viddy. Can’t you come visit again really soon? Well, like after the baby is born. That would be fun, wouldn’t it? You could take another long weekend and drive out…Of course, we wouldn’t be doing a whole lot, at least I wouldn’t because of a baby, but we could at least go out to eat and rent a movie. AND you could hold the baby and I would even let you change his diaper only if I can take pictures. It’s getting closer! Only six weeks left!

Comment by Melva

amen. that is all I have to say about that.

Comment by Chris

Amen, that is all that I have to say about that.

Comment by Chris

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