Poking the Bear(or sasquatch)
October 21, 2007, 7:04 am
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So, in life we find all sorts of personalities.  For as much as we like to think that we are uncategorizable, in truth, we can be placed in some grouping from time to time.  Whereas we fit into many categories for our many different personalities, that one placement of ourselves within a specific category tends to describe a specific part of myself.  For some of us, we tend to have a drive to be the best at what we do which can describe a portion of how we approach a challenge.  At the same time, there are sides that tend to show compassion and concern.  That places us in another category.  I remember once I was talking with a roommate about how geo-location plays a role in our personality and can be an identifiable characteristic.  I’m from the east and thus tend to be very career minded and prone to be opinionated in many subjects.  Well, the roommate from Utah got upset when he asked if he was identifiable from being from Utah and we answered that he was.  His reaction, tagged him even more as someone from Utah which I found ironic.

One personality that I found evident in a new found friend the other night was the type of person who pokes a bear to watch the reaction.  Kind of like those beef jerky commercials that are on TV where two humans play pranks on Bigfoot to see his reaction and laugh at him.  I can’t say the same kind of behavior is outside my own personality, so it was refreshing, amusing, entertaining(whatever you want to call it) to see it in someone else.

For whatever reason, we, those with this personality defect or gift, find joy in provoking people.  It’s that little thumb jab in the ribs that can get reactions that we don’t see in everyday interactions.  The little jabs test the limits of the polish we put to hide our inner personalities.  These very little jabs seem to expose a different side of the person that we’ve never seen before.  Ironically, I think it seems to heighten the ability someone has to be witty.  Just like hunger sharpens the senses, something about jabbing seems to heighten the sarcasm and wit sense located deep within the brain.

In the end, those that do the jabbing I believe do it less for the humor, but more for a subconscious desire to observe and understand behavior.  Now, I realize I may be projecting my own personality onto others, but I don’t think I’m far off.    It’s funny, don’t get me wrong.  In the end, I think it’s more about getting to know the real person inside.  That’s why friends are usually able to make fun of each other and tease each other.  The people we feel the most comfortable with teasing us, are the people we’re the most comfortable with sharing our real selves.

Oh, and the jabs will keep coming in case you were wondering.


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You’re in SO much trouble. But I think you’re just excited that for once you found a girl that can actually keep up with you and will dish it right back. Not that you’d ever admit that. I’m glad you found that refreshing, cuz I don’t plan to stop poking or firing back the witty remarks. Oh, and I don’t squeak. Punk.

Comment by Jennie

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