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November 21, 2007, 8:49 pm
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So, I’m sitting here at work rather bored at the moment and am taking my own version of a cigarette break.  Since I don’t smoke, I feel I’m entitled to short moments of stress relief in the my own chosen form.

Catching people up on recent evens in my life.  I decided recently I didn’t like my ankle and was going to do some of my owned forced renovations.  Playing racquetball with Chris, we were going back and forth around the court trading volleys.  At one point I attempted to jump kind of sideways in a semi-dive/lunge.   Unfortunately, I didn’t make up my mind in time, so my foot came down funny and I felt something pop.  To make it all the more interesting, as it all happened I made a sound that can only be described as some sort of a squeek.  Before I thought about anything else, all I could think of was why I chose to squeek at a moment of intense pain instead of something akin to a yell or a hard and manly grunt.

Oh well, anyway, I laid on the ground not moving in hopes that adrenaline would kick in and it wouldn’t hurt so much.  Thankfully, I had my friend there to assist in the form of hitting the racquetball against the wall a couple of times and then announce that he was going to watch the game next door while I “wallowed in pain.”  Finally, adrenaline  kicked in and I hopped up and played the rest of the match.  I won and thought everything was fine until the pain kicked in as I was driving home.  So I had a fun day icing my foot, but my sisters took cared of me, but not without a zinger in there or two.  Which in truth is always well deserved.

Saturday, I stretched myself and decided to try to do Stand-Up comedy in front of my ward.  In all it went  pretty well, but I was really nervous.  So nervous in fact that I asked the host to just go ahead and tackle me when my time was up because I wouldn’t know when to stop.  It actually fit really well into what I was doing.  Everybody got a good laugh.  I never did get to finish my material, but I was fine with it.  People laughed more or less and I came out alive.  What was nice is that I stretched myself beyond my comfort zone which I haven’t done for quite a while.   I wouldn’t mind stretching my lips a little, problem is I have to find an agreeable girl to help me in that aspect.

Also, for those of you that have been following.  I finally, successfully, split a golf ball in tow that I had been working on at my desk with a pair of scissors for the last month or so.  It was pretty satisfying which was kind of odd when you think about it.  But I rocked that golf ball, oh yeah.  Now you’re caught up.


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I think your stand up was great. Thanks for sharing!

Comment by Amanda

Do you have a video of your stand up? I had no idea you did stuff like that!?!? Why didn’t we ever get to see it?

Comment by Melva

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