The Writer’s Strike is Killing Me
February 10, 2008, 1:54 am
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A couple of months ago, I read an editorial in Entertainment Weekly that discussed what he might do when the writer’s strike started. He talked about spending more time with his kids, watching some more movies, *gasp* read a few more books, and enjoy the simple things in life and not the Simple Life. For me, I’ve seen far reaching impacts that I think my next couple of posts will discuss. But for now, because of the recency of it all, let’s talk Super Tuesday.

A lot of people are attributing the up movement in political interest to frustration with the current administration and our dear texan sitting in the driver’s seat in the great oval cubicle in DC. Truth of the matter is, when you look down deep, it’s less about the great Osama Hunter and more about dearth of television programming. See, I remember back to my chemistry days where we talked about saturation in a liquid. Well, the brain sits in a liquid and gets pickled as we watch TV more and more and more…(what was I saying again?) Reality TV shows have hit our pickle juice to the point that its no longer soluble(get a dictionary). Thus, people can’t take any more of Flavor Flav (who’s like almost 60) make out with 20 somethings. We can’t handle another Baldwin brother chilling with Trump’s Come-Over. We can’t handle a show that’s entire basis is your ability to fail a lie detector test. Especially, when that shows already on TV, the PRIMARIES 2008 (did you like the segway, not personal ambulator, the conversational ambulator).

That’s right, the primaries is the only true Reality Show out there, and just like with Flavor Flav, we’re getting choked to death with whatever marketing and advertising tells us is good politics. People are for the first time, watching the primaries and enjoying them. Because, it’s the closest thing to survivor, the office, 30 rock, CSI, 24, that we’ve got. It’s all about voting and knocking people off of the media island. Who’s making deals? Who’s stabbing people in the back? Who’s saying what about whom? Who’s hooking up (Barack and Hilary…that’s not fair, Viddy.)?

It’s the ultimate Reality Show and people are getting swayed not by the pure issues, but where the excitements going. Democrats don’t actually like McCain, they’re just voting him in the open primaries, because they want a Taylor Hicks vs. Daughtry show down. But all they end up with is Taylor Hicks, whose career as well all know has just blown up, and not in a good way.

I don’t know if that even made sense.


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