May 2, 2008, 3:17 am
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So, every Thursday I get the immense pleasure of sitting at the receptionist desk while she goes to lunch. Today the thought occurred to me, that I don’t have a domain name.  Which everyone knows, is that final nail in the proverbial nerd coffin.

So here we are, I’ve got it.  What the heck do I do with it?  I’m http://www.viddysvida.com.  Now people no longer have to remember myviddy.wordpress.com.  Which is way hard to remember.  I mean seriously, that’s a lot of letters to remember and with all the blogging software.  People would just get confused.  And let’s be honest, people aren’t clever enough to remember urls (that’s not slang, it’s the technical term for web address).  Oh wait a second, we are.  The things we can’t remember, phone numbers.  We can remember 100 different acronyms to be used in instant messaging conversations, but we can’t remember any phone numbers.  If you lose your phone, suddenly you’re answering with phone with that high pitched extended “Hi” that makes you sound really friendly and excited to speak with the random schmo on the other side of the line.  Meanwhile, you’re stretching to find some hint as to who is speaking with you.  So while you’re playing matlock, you’re friend is trying to figure why you’re acting so weird and asking lots of weird questions like how they spell their name and what else is new with you.

So, the change might hit at some point, but I don’t think anything monumental will occur.  My nerd rating has increased and I’m out 15 bucks, but I feel some sense of pride in knowing that I have a url.  So, take that you non-url domain owners.  Me and GoDaddy are partners for a year.


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I didn’t realize how long it has been since I checked your blog (or anyone’s for that matter)…I tend to run a bit low on extra time these days. So this comment is for all the entries you have made, my favorite being the one on dating. My advice, (as if you need any more) be picky, but not too picky AND move to Lexington!

Comment by Melva

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