Rules for Matball
May 12, 2008, 5:47 pm
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  • The game is played near identically to kickball in which one team is “batting” (despite the lack of bats) and the other team is “fielding”.
  • The pitcher is often of the team that is “batting”. This enables that the pitches are easy to kick.
  • A ball is put in play by hitting the ball with one’s fist like a bat into the field of play. That player must then run to first base.
  • In matball, there is no limit as to how many players can be on a base at the same time. This allows for players to “load” and run as a pack to decrease the likelihood of getting out.
  • After five outs teams switch sides. Typically a game will last with three innings.
  • Any ball hitting the ceiling will be considered an automatic out. Also, a ball kicked behind Home Plate is foul.
  • A ball that hits above the wooden trim is considered a home run for all runners. A ball that hits the back wall below the trim is considered a home run for just the batter. If a ball is hit into the opposite basketball hoop, that will count as a home run for all runners as well as 10 automatic runs.
  • Outs in matball occur when: the pop-fly is caught, the ball beats the runner to first base on the initial kick, a runner is touched by the ball while not on base, or runners do not tag-up after a pop-fly is caught. A ball thrown to the face will not count as an out.
  • When a player steps off the matt with both feet they must run except in cases of a pop fly where they must tag up.


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