I’m sorry, normal’s on backorder
May 16, 2008, 6:33 am
Filed under: Rambling

It’s late and I probably should go to bed, bit had some thoughts to get out. Lately, I’ve had a lot of conversations around dating and finding the right match. I believe most of us are approaching dating like ordering from a mail order catalog. However, when you go to call in your catalog request I’m sorry to say you’ll be informed by an indian guy named johnny that your normal girlfriend/boyfriend is on backorder. This may be kind of a negative comment. But the normal people are gone folks. Vanilla is sold out, so pick another flavor. The vanilla people as I call them, got picked off the shelf in our early 20s. Now if this offends you, blame the late hour. The point, looking for someone in the church that made it to this point with that valued life skill called being single is bound to have some eccentricities, said the 26 year old, call of duty playing, living with their parents guy. We may not find normal, but normal’s boring anyway. Look at all the comedy shows. All of them seem to have reached normalcy, and they are boring (I thought about spelling it out for emphasis, but that’s just cheesy writing). So dating the unnorm as I call ourselves(makes me think of the undead) may be what makes life interesting. Some dates I’ve been on with other unnorms like myself has produced at a minimum some very funny stories with great results. And by results I don’t mean the lip pressing kind. More like the, wow, I mean wow…w-o-w


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I agree with you…you know…I have a sister…she’s 21, so she’s still in the normal category…

Comment by Sarah K

Vanilla is overrated. I just tried Chocolate Extreme (TM) blizzard at the Tysons DQ the other day and it was well worth the calories. This fits in to your analogy right?

Comment by Jordan

Seriously, who wants vanilla when you can have strawberry! hahahaha, I took a quiz one time and it said I’m the flavor of Strawberry ice cream. I’d like to think that I have a few chocolate swirls and other yummy stuff in there as well. 😉

Comment by Sydney

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