Early Flyers
May 19, 2008, 9:41 am
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My first taxi ride since S.America was supposed to take this place this morning around four. However, due to a intelligence issue(mine for believing them that when they said no problem it meant no problem. Their issue because the dumb stick came down a bit harder in grade school on their heads.) I was forced to take my car and put into the car kennel at the airport for a couple of days. Riding on the bus from the economy parking a whole inner monologue of things I noticed passed through my head while my ears were plugged into my ipod shuffle and the notorious mc hammer sang on. First, no one looks in the same direction. Its as if we all have this space we call like seats in a car or the greatland rush. But once you’ve flagged a spot its yours and you’re perfectly justified giving someone an irritated look if they glance in your spot.

Looking around I notice that none of the guys below 35 fail to have that tough guy grimace on their faces. Why do we do it? Maybe we’re trying to say, heh, I may be taking the bus but that’s just because our courtesy driver K. Getu needs the fare. Otherwise I’d drive this behometh my self.

I asked myself shortly after that thought if the guy and gal next to me were a couple or son and mom. I finally settled on the paternal relationship due to thigh high shorts junior was sporting. I would have said something but was too busy 2 legitting to quit it. Ya I’m cool.

The security line held stream of consciousness potential when I realized that a kid my age in a suit was looking to take the spot in line open before I got there. I showed the suit what indiana j would do and whipped in before him.

One final thought from the bus a couple a paragraphs ago. Couples should only be allowed to match over the age of 60. By then, with the eyesight going it’d be easier to spot dressed like you than a sea of fuzzy faces. The younger generations just look creepy and Stepford-like. Matching top, matching pants, and matching dumb look on their faces

Ps I’m writing this on my bb at fourish in the morning with a goose egg for the number of hours of sleep. So sorry for the harshness. I will say though K. Getu earned his fare by keeping the bus warm. Forget bus drivers, only courtesy drivers for me.


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It’s been awhile since I checked your blog, or anyone’s for that matter! I hope things are going a little better for you. Sounds like you have been having a rough time. Maybe you should take a break and come out to Kentucky. Those Kentuckians are real good at kickin back and enjoying life, plus we are here!

Comment by Melva

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