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July 14, 2008, 1:26 am
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So my Buddy, Chris, and I started up a new blog. Smacked Stupid, seemed like an appropriate discussion topic focusing on all the stupid things that happen in the marketplace and government, and even to a point stupid people things. Just broad enough, that we can talk about almost anything. We’ve had some fun arguments in the past, and I thought it might be fun to capture them online. Let us know what you thiink. It’ll take us a while to get up to speed and be as funny as we can, but it’ll come.


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I feel you are neglecting this blog now that you’ve started Smaked Stupid. What will your avid readers do without Viddy’s Vida I ask you? Will you leave them with no entertaining tidbits… no deep metaphors…. no late night rants. Think about your public…..this is truly truly injustice.

That is all.

Comment by Scruffles

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