Jimmy loves Pina Coladas in the Rain
July 12, 2007, 3:04 am
Filed under: Jimmy, Summer

0628072149.jpgSo, sitting at home early from work, I was kicked back ready for another typical Thursday evening. The phone rang and to my surprise my old boss was on the other line. Just like any former boss, she was offering a set of free tickets to the sold out Jimmy Buffet concert. I’ve never actually been to a concert like that before, but I’m always kind of nervous doing things like this. However, I got my sister’s to go and thought that it was a seldom occurrence.

Driving to the concert took forever, I was within a mile of Nissan Pavilion, but everyone else that day decided to show up late. The girls and I passed some of the time singing all the words to the Scrubs episode, My Musical. Then the rest of it, we spent complaining bitterly about how bad Maryland drivers are. Well, maybe just two of us.

We got there, and right away this was no Provo. The girls kinda had a hard time dealing with all of the beer and later the pot. My former boss, Patti, made a good point. People smoking pot are some of the friendliest people out there. And they were, we got invited to several party’s in the parking lot before we even got to the main gate. Climbing the stairs up to the grassy area where we had our “seats,” we came upon a giant expanse. I couldn’t believe how many people were there in front of this tiny stage. It was kind of funny because you could only see Jimmy on a tiny screen.0628072148.jpg

The girls seemed to like it alright, in some ways they were more concerned about getting beer mud on their shoes. All in all, we had a really good time. Becky managed to get hit on by a bunch of drunk people, she seems to attract really weird guys out in public. That night we got home at 2 in the morning, and I was glad to be safe away from the beer mud.0628072148b.jpg