Cops Make Me Nervous
October 13, 2007, 2:04 am
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So, many days I feel like Tevia, from Fiddler on the Roof, where the Lord needs a chuckle and I’m a willing jester.  I’ve broken my pact of agnostic attitudes toward dating and got my rear end out the door and went on a date.  In all, the date was good and I was in a fairly good mood as I dropper her off at her place.  I immediately turned around and was ready to head home and hit the hay.  My friend Chris amazed all of us with tricks that made me think he sold his soul because they were that amazing.  So I in this late night stupor was driving home at a speed lower than the limit.

As I drove, I happened to notice a cop car at the intersection that I passed in front of while being the epitome of safe, defensive driving.  I immediately checked my dashboard, mirrors, and the area around me to see if I was breaking the law.  Upon finding all was right with the world, I turned my attention forward to the rest of my drive.  As the relaxing sigh passed out of my mouth, obnoxious hues of blue filled my car.  I looked back and saw a squad car and that indicated I needed to pull over.

I pulled over, and a police officer came out and informed me that my headlight was out.  She indicated that I wasn’t in trouble, but she had to give me warning because she had pulled me over.  The thought occurred to me that the simple solution to that problem is to not pull me over.  So, it took about 15 minutes for her to run my plates and check for any of my prior arrests as a streaker at many a half time show.

Meanwhile, my friend Chris with whom I’d been speaking kept calling.  I told the phone to shutup and realized the cop was standing there.  I swore that I wasn’t talking to her, she didn’t really laugh.  Which tells me that I’m not that funny in the morning or she lacked a sense of humor.  Who knows?

I went on after we finished and was glad to be home.

Cops just make me nervous, and I’m not sure why.  I’m planning on trying to become a volunteer officer, and some how they still make me nervous.  One of the few times I broke a rule on my mission, my companion and I found a church tape that someone had dubbed several “Queen” songs over top.  As we started to listen to our five rationed songs that we allowed ourselves, a cop car rounded the corner and drove by.  Immediately I reached over and turned off the music and held my breath.  The car passed, and then my companion started laughing when we both realized something.  We lived a block from where a man had been stabbed several times, in the middle of thousands of illegal hispanics, and another block from a large prostitution ring.  Two elders listening to a couple of “Queen” songs was probably not topping the cops’ list of major offenders.

What can I say, Cops make me nervous.