Matball: Holiday Edition Rules
December 8, 2008, 6:38 pm
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Matball Holiday

Matball Holiday

Holiday Edition Rules

  • Holiday Edition: Each team has to have a Santa at all times (Santa Hat Wearer).  This person on defense can get two outs for every single player he/she gets out.  On offense, this person can score 2 runs for every one run they score, but also counts as two hits if they get called out.  The hat may be passed from player to player, but can not be advanced past the closest base where the Santa got called out.
  • Holiday Edition: The team on offense, must have a present in play at all times.  The present must be carried by a runner and can be used to deflect balls thrown at the runner.  If the runner gets out, the next batter is expected to pick up the present as he/she runs to first base after their hit.  Runners are allowed to pass the present to each other to advance it or avoid having it return to the beginning.  However, if the present is dropped or the runner holding the present gets out.  The present is returned to home plate to be picked up by the next batter.
  • The game is played near identically to kickball in which one team is “batting” (despite the lack of bats) and the other team is “fielding”.
  • The pitcher is often of the team that is “batting”. This enables that the pitches are easy to kick.
  • A ball is put in play by hitting the ball with one’s fist like a bat into the field of play. That player must then run to first base.
  • In matball, there is no limit as to how many players can be on a base at the same time. This allows for players to “load” and run as a pack to decrease the likelihood of getting out.
  • After five outs teams switch sides. Typically a game will last with three innings.
  • Any ball hitting the ceiling will be considered an automatic out. Also, a ball kicked behind Home Plate is foul.
  • A ball that hits above the wooden trim is considered a home run for all runners. A ball that hits the back wall below the trim is considered a home run for just the batter. If a ball is hit into the opposite basketball hoop, that will count as a home run for all runners as well as 10 automatic runs.
  • Outs in matball occur when: the pop-fly is caught, the ball beats the runner to first base on the initial kick, a runner is touched by the ball while not on base, or runners do not tag-up after a pop-fly is caught. A ball thrown to the face will not count as an out.
  • When a player steps off the matt with both feet they must run except in cases of a pop fly where they must tag up.