Life is Motion
December 15, 2007, 8:16 am
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punchdesaturize.gifWhile I’m not taking ambient, I am up quite late and therefore find myself a bit reflective. I imagined that if I were a drinker, and that if I were at a bar, I would be the guy trying to sing pub songs or the guy (could be one in the same) who stands on the bar and starts to wax prolific. Ok, let’s be honest, waxing prolific implies that I might be. So, let’s stick with the guy who shakily climbs the bar and ends up falling onto the floor only to continue speaking as if nothing ever happened.

What I find amusing about life is that we constantly are seeking some sense of normalcy despite the obvious lack thereof in the world around us. It’s true, we move about with constant change and feel unable to cope with the one constant that change is inevitable. Jobs will pass, new opportunities will open, doors close, doors open, emotions will fluctuate. However, the standard is change.

Many times I’ve felt like I wish I could sit down as if on a street corner and get life just to pause for one minute so that I might reflect. Yet, we all know that the minute we sit down a car will drive by and maybe its a taxi driver on his way to the airport with a passenger who recently acquired 50,000 shares of peanut butter stock only to discover that he suffers from a serious peanut allergy and must reconcile that he owns a lot of product that could kill him if gets to close to it. Huh? Ok, well, my point is that while we’re sitting on the curb trying to reflect, this guys life doesn’t stop and neither does ours.

So what do we do if we ride this train that is constantly moving with the knowledge that at some point this phase of our life will come to an end. We can’t stop it, and sometimes we may just slow it down a bit. So, what do we have to do with all those seconds from now until the stop button gets hit on our DVD player of life. We could apportion them with OCD like scrutiny giving each category it’s needed seconds. Or, we could find ourselves like an empty bag of chips floating across the street waiting to get thrown to where we belong. (man i’m tired and coming up with some weird metaphors)

My solution to the mystery is purpose. Approach each moment with purpose. As said in Hitch, wake up each morning like it was on purpose. Very little in life that’s worthwhile will allow us to ride the pine and watch others do the work for us. So, confront all things with purpose. From playing Halo until three in the morning (tonight it was Call of Duty) or studying for the GMAT (I’m going to do that soon) or courting the lovely available women around me in my ward. Approaching with purpose gives value to the moment in the moment and in the future when we reflect back on the time we spent.

Life is in constant motion and therefore a lot of our self-imposed rules are subject to change, and we need to be prepared for those changes. When they smack us in the face as they often do, we don’t have to fall to our knees in shock but walk on (I think U2 had the walk on song). Life is too good to devalue it by living by accident. Accidents come to life by accident, you shouldn’t.

Life can be a punch in the gut, deal with it.