Five Feet from Full-Fledged Super Geek
November 27, 2007, 6:24 am
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So, this last Friday I joined the hordes of people that left their homes at five in the morning to pursue the quest of what is commonly known as the After-Thanksgiving Sale.  Driving there, it kind of surprised me how full the parking lot was with cars.  Mistakenly, I figured that having arrived a half hour after the doors opened the line would be all but disapated with the anxious shoppers milling about inside.  Arriving there with my good sport of a mother, we found a line a good 100 yards long.  We vacilated back and forth between staying and going, but in the end we stayed.  Surprisingly, everyone was very polite and curteous in the way they handled the long line and sitting there for a good hour.  However, there was some anxiety in the air.  In all, let’s just say I found my xBox 360 and got the games that I was looking for.

I’ve played over 40 individual matches on xBox live and am now considered a Seargent.  At this point, when I play, I tend to rank among the mid-tier of those playing.  I’ve owned the box for about four days, and I’ve played enough to get to this point.  I live with my parents and like watching all sorts of nerd shows.  Someone buys me a bag of cheetos and I eat it all, and I’ve attained full-fledged super geek status.

Reaching this level, I’d like to thank the academy, my parents for lending me the bandwidth and the electricity, and my desire to pursue geekdom.  Don’t cry for me, I’m already a geek.